State of the art Software…

As a Relativity Premium Hosting Partner and Microsoft service provider, Holo Discovery utilizes the industry leading software providers and services across all matters.

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Responsiveness and Expert Knowledge

With a combined 25 years of experience in managed Discovery and software development, Holo Discovery’s expert consultants will provide a custom work flow and solution to fit the budget and needs for any complex matter.

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Client Satisfaction and Testimonial

From data collection and early case assessment all the way through trial, Holo Discovery has the experience and knowledge we need.

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  • E Discovery Services you can trust

    Holo Discovery is a full service E-Discovery provider servicing all stages of the EDRM lifecycle. Consultants are available 24/7 to help create a custom workflow that best fits the client's needs and budget in a fully defensible manner.

  • Exceptional Relativity SaaS

    As a Relativity premium hosting partner, Holo Discovery leverages the industry leading review platform to manage document reviews and early case assessment using best of breed technologies as well as a several proprietary functions developed specifically for custom requests.

  • Responsiveness and Expert Knowledge

    Our mission is to provide expert knowledge in leveraging best of breed technology to our clients, resulting in significant time and cost savings with a high level of defensibility and reliability across multiple legal, regulatory and investigative matters.

  • Case Studies

    Gain an understanding of methods and techniques Holo Discovery has employed in a sampling of matters.

Empowering People, Expanding Possibilities…


Providing comprehensive, client-focused, full service e-discovery and litigation support services across multiple legal, regulatory and investigative matters.

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