consultingAlthough the team at Holo Discovery prides itself in taking a consultative approach to all projects we undertake, some projects require greater attention on a consulting level to determine best practices and ultimately what workflow best fits the clients budget and needs.

Holo Discovery’s expert consultants found success working off a set of principles they like to refer to as The 3 Abilities. Defensibility, Reliability and Predictability

Defensibility: Holo Discovery recommends and uses only the most defensible methods and equipment when performing tasks such as collections and processing. No shortcuts are ever taken that would undermine defensibility, and all steps of the discovery process are meticulously documented to be presented in court should the need for testimony or affidavits arise.

Predictability: When surprises in litigation occur they can change the entire scope and workflow and make costs spiral out of control. Being able to accurately gauge size and scope of projects will eliminate surprises and allow for a smooth discovery process. Further, Holo Discovery offers case specific flexible pricing schedules and alternative fee arrangements in order for our clients to achieve cost predictability with 100% accuracy.

Reliability: Choosing a reliable company and solution can be as important as anything. Holo Discovery prides itself on only using the most well-known, tried and true products available, and always looking for the next great thing. Technicians and consultants are standing by 24/7 to support all phases of discovery making us the reliable choice.

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