Managed Attorney Review

HOLO's Managed Review Arm, partners with Bright Line Counsel, staff and manage the expertise of licensed attorneys who are well-versed in document review workflows, and can maximize the productivity and efficiency of the document review process – no matter the size or complexity.

Large scale legal and compliance projects are a big challenge facing many law firms and corporations:

The exponential growth of data has led to skyrocketing costs associated with document review, which often encompasses the largest percentage of total cost in a litigation. Increasingly, law firms and organizations are turning to managed review services as a solution.

We want to understand your business and goals to create a more holistic approach to your legal and compliance projects. We are committed to providing the best advice to our clients during all phases of their matters with an eye toward optimizing efficiencies and maximizing savings. We will deliver our best on every engagement.

Managed Attorney Services include: